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Miguel Hernández Literary Route

Despite Miguel Hernández’s brief presence in the province of Jaén – barely two months – the poet from Orihuela has left a momentous mark, not only in the province (his poem “Aceituneros” has become a provincial anthem) , but in universal literature itself, since this brief stay in Jaén is one of the most prolific of his literary career. This route will help you understand what the poet felt in the bombing of Jaén, in the siege of the Santuario de la Cabeza

or the fall of the XIV International Brigade in the Battle of Lopera. Follow him and you will not regret it.

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Literary Route of Federico García Lorca

Federico García Lorca is widely known to be one of the geniuses of Spanish and universal literature. But … did you know that it is in the province of Jaén where his vocation as a writer awakened, in a crucial meeting with a distinguished writer? You will have to come and find out.

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