Segura de la Sierra

This municipality, located in the heart of the Segura Region, within the Natural Park of Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas, is declared one of the “most beautiful towns in Spain”, Picturesque Site and Historic and Artistic Complex, and it could have been the birthplace of the warrior poet, since his father was Commander of Segura de la Sierra, the most important of the Order of Santiago. In fact, the house of Jorge Manrique’s family is still preserved.

Casa Jorge Manrique
Castillo Segura de la Sierra
Estatua Jorge Manrique
Panorámica Segura de la Sierra
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Segura de la Sierra pays tribute to the poet not only by marking the Manrique family house, but has also built part of its tourist offer around Jorge Manrique, dedicating several rooms of the castle to spaces of interpretation of both the poet and the Order of Santiago.

Segura de la Sierra also pays tribute to the illustrious writer by means of a statue and with the dedication of a sublime viewpoint that covers the breadth of the Natural Park from the town itself.

The tribute to Jorge Manrique ends with the celebration every two years of the Manrique Days, both academic and recreational as a means of praising this illustrious figure.

Portal of the City Council of Segura de la Sierra

Castle of Segura de la Sierra (Interpretation space of Jorge Manrique)

The Castle of Segura de la Sierra is undoubtedly one of the main cultural attractions, not only of Segura, but of the entire environment, with portentous panoramic views of the entire mountain range. The castle was built between the 13th and 14th centuries to defend the order of Segura, by the Order of Santiago (it became the residence of the Grand Master of this Order), over the bases of previous defensive and palatial constructions (in the 8th century there was already a fortification that protected the Saqura farmhouse, from whose time the archaeological remains of the Arab Baths are preserved).…

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Jorge Manrique’s family house

After visiting the viewpoint, you have to go to the house where Jorge Manrique was born, which you will find just a few steps away. Although it is not documented that Jorge Manrique was born in that house (it is thought that in the case of being born in Segura de la Sierra, the option is that he most likely was born in the castle), it was the home of the Manrique family. In front of the house, take look at its façade, which still preserves the coat of arms of the Feria House (after Mencía de Figueroa, his mother),…

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Viewpoint and monument to Jorge Manrique

Next to the Puerta Nueva, one of the entrances to the walled enclosure of Segura de la Sierra and which is adjoining the town hall, you can find both the monument to Jorge Manrique, and viewpoint that bears his name. The statue, the work of the renowned sculptor Don Miguel Fuentes del Olmo, represents the illustrious writer in his two main facets: that of a man-at-arms, wearing a warlike dress and with his right hand on a dagger; and that of a writer, who, calmly, holds and reads a book in his left hand. Therefore, an excellent way to illustrate…

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