Jorge Manrique’s family house

After visiting the viewpoint, you have to go to the house where Jorge Manrique was born, which you will find just a few steps away.

Although it is not documented that Jorge Manrique was born in that house (it is thought that in the case of being born in Segura de la Sierra, the option is that he most likely was born in the castle), it was the home of the Manrique family.

In front of the house, take look at its façade, which still preserves the coat of arms of the Feria House (after Mencía de Figueroa, his mother), which shows that it was the property of the Manrique family.

The building belongs to the civil architecture of the 16th century and on its façade there is a semicircular arch decorated with plant motifs, flanked by carved pilasters and complemented by small Ionic columns.

Behind a cornice, in the upper area, the noble coat of arms of the Figueroa family was carved in stone -in gold field, five sinople fig leaves placed in sotuer-, maternal family of Jorge Manrique, together with a Cross of Santiago , which denoted the connection with the order issued by Rodrigo Manrique.


Now Don Rodrigo was

Much loved by people for

His rectitude;

The master was renowned