Guided thematic tours

Along the itineraries you choose, you will enjoy multiple museums, monographic interpretation centers or places with important traces of the authors (recreations, manuscripts, relics …) that you cannot miss.

Guided visit of the Miguel Hernández route

In Jaén, Cláritas Turismo has an interesting themed visit on Miguel Hernández that complements the poetry and vital spaces of the Oriolan poet with the historical context that he had to live during his stay in Jaén. So you can visit the house where it was housed and headquarters of the Southern Front as well…

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Guided tour of the Juan Eslava Galán route

Cláritas Turismo, in Jaén, includes legends and fragments of the author’s works in other guided tours of Jaén, that can be very helpful in this aspect, to discover the cathedral, the arch of San Lorenzo, the lizard of La Malena or the Arab baths from Juan Eslava´s perspective. Write down the contact information: Cláritas Turismo…

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Guided tour of the Antonio Muñoz Molina route

In Úbeda, Artificis has developed an interesting itinerary about Antonio Muñoz Molina, accompanied with fragments of his novels in Mágina: the Clock Tower, the San Lorenzo neighborhood, the House of Towers or the “juancaballos”. Places or outlines that are key to understanding and interpreting the author’s stories. Write down the contact information: Artificis Servicios Turísticos…

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Guided tour of the route of Jorge Manrique

In Segura de la Sierra you can immerse yourself in the world of Jorge Manrique by the hand of Olivair, who will prepare a personalized itinerary so that you can know all the Manrique places in town where he was born: the viewpoint, his statue, his family’s house and the castle with the Interpretation Center….

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Guided tour of the route of San Juan de la Cruz

In Beas de Segura, the Town Hall itself, through the local guide, offers a complete guided tour (shared with Saint Teresa of Jesus) that includes an interesting tour: Monastery of San José del Salvador, Interpretation Center of the Villa de Beas, el Siglo XVI and the Mystic and Clock Tower. Write down the contact information:…

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