Guided tour of the route of San Juan de…

In Beas de Segura, the Town Hall itself, through the local guide, offers a complete guided tour (shared with Saint Teresa of Jesus) that includes an interesting tour: Monastery of San José del Salvador, Interpretation Center of the Villa de Beas, el Siglo XVI and the Mystic and Clock Tower.

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Beas de Segura Town Hall/ 673 73 20 29 / 649 29 82 61 / / http://

Artificis Tourist and Cultural Services, carry out, in Úbeda, a themed visit on Saint John of the Cross where you can visit the Saint John of the Cross Museum – the only one in the world -, the Sacred Chapel of the Savior or the permanent exhibition “The Treasures of the Clausura” . They are great connoisseurs of the mystical poet who participate annually in the

Teresiano-Sanjuanistas Days that are celebrated in Beas de Segura, as well as in the Sanjuanista Week of Úbeda.

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Artificis Tourist and Cultural Services (Úbeda) / 953 758 150 / / http: //

In Andújar you can contact the tourism area of ​​the City Council and the Parish of Santa María la Mayor, which is where you can find the codex.

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Andújar Tourist Office / 953 50 49 59 / / http://

Santa Maria la Mayor Church (Andújar) / 953 50 01 39 /