Casa de la tercia , collection of the battle…

Casa de la Tercia was the Granary of the town of Lopera, destined to store cereals for loaning to neighbors in times of scarcity. This is of historical interest because Cervantes was in Lopera, between February 22 and 25, 1592, collecting cereal for the Invincible Armada. The building was also used as a cellar for the excellent wines of the area. The town is known as “little Jerez”.

Today Casa de la Tercia literary has been given a cultural use. On the ground floor of the Casa de la Tercia there is an exhibition of 54 photographs of the Spanish Civil War in color in the town of Lopera (1936-1940). The visit can be completed by accessing the Museum of Pedro Monje, a sculptor, ceramicist and painter from Lopera, which is located on the top floor of the Casa de la Tercia.

Architecturally speaking, the building, which dates from the second half of the 16th century, is a thick-walled brick construction, with few decorative elements and with quarry stones that reinforce the corners of the building.