Lopera Castle

The Castle of Lopera is one of the best examples of a castle built by the Order of Calatrava in the province of Jaén.

This imposing fortress, which stands out within the old town, has a pentagonal floor plan with five towers and two donjons. This configuration makes it exceptional. It preserves the original walled perimeter, which gives it greater historical and patrimonial value. This castle belongs to the Route of the Castles and the Battles of Jaén.

After its recent restoration, the castle now has a fantastic Interpretation Center, whose rooms are dedicated to the Order of Calatrava, to the recent history of the castle as a winery and also to the Battle of Lopera.

The musealization of the Battle of Lopera features various spaces where the general map of the Civil War, the situation of Lopera in the conflict, the development of the Battle, as well as recreations of trenches are exposed. Special attention is paid to some illustrious figures who were at the front such as the British writers, John Cornford and Ralph Fox, belonging to the XIV International Brigade.