Machadian Week (celebrated in February)

The Machadian Week is usually held around the time of anniversary of his death, on February 22. Different events are held, such as conferences, book presentations, flamenco and poetry recitals and other activities, among which a “Machadian walk” with a pre-established itinerary stands out, where various readings of his work are carried out along the way in the different Machado spaces. Times and venues vary depending on the activity.

Cartel de la Semana Machadiana 2019

Baeza has been culturally paying homage to Antonio Machado for decades. Already in February 1966, the city celebrated a tribute to Machado – prohibited by the Franco regime – with the presence of a large group of writers and artists. In May of that same year the authorities organized another tribute to the poet where some of his poems were recited, important academics intervened and a monolith – currently gone – was discovered in the courtyard of the institute where he taught. Later tributes brought together figures of culture such as the sculptor Pablo Serrano, the poet Rafael Alberti or the actor Paco Rabal.

The First Machadian Week was organized in1977, attended by actors, actresses, poets, guitarists, singers and many other personalities. A painting exhibition, theater performances, concerts were organized, the Antonio Machado poetry prize was created and a bas-relief was installed in the colonnaded courtyard of the allegorical institute to “Song of One Day”

Address: Different spaces in Baeza (IES Santísima Trinidad, UNIA, Montemar Theater, Town Hall and Paseo Machadiano).

Geolocation: City of Baeza

Organizing entity:

Baeza City Council with the collaboration of cultural agents such as UNIA, the Santísima Trinidad Institute and the educational centers of the town, where the figure of the poet is part.

information: 953 74 01 50

Manriqueñas Conference (held in April)

The Manriqueña Conference of Segura de la Sierra was born from the academic and institutional sphere as a means to praise the cultural and historical heritage of Segura de la Sierra and its surroundings, focusing on one of the most illustrious figures who lived in this municipality, Jorge Manrique.

The first Conference was held in 2012 and has been held approximately every two years. During this time, conferences are held on the life and work of Jorge Manrique, along with other activities that promote the historical-cultural importance of Segura de la Sierra and promote tourism and the conservation of the monuments that this town hosts. : medieval market, photography contests, medieval crafts workshops, raptor exhibition, poetry readings, quick painting contest, etc.

Some days that are usually held in spring and that are an excellent pretext to visit Segura de la Sierra.

Address: Urban nucleus of Segura de la Sierra CP 23379, Segura de la Sierra (Jaén).

Geolocation: Latitude: 38.297922, Longitude: -2.651589

Organizing entity: Segura de la Sierra City Council.

Information: 953 48 02 80

Festival de la Encomienda (held in July)

Since 2010, the Encomienda Festival has been held in Chiclana de Segura, linked to the figure of Jorge Manrique. It is usually carried out for three days in the month of July and the activities are carried out throughout the day.

During these days, the streets of the municipality go back to the Middle Ages with a complete program that includes a medieval market, parades, music, poetry, storytelling, re-enactments, medieval fights, craft workshops and concerts, among other activities.

A festival that is becoming more consolidated year by year. An excellent pretext to visit Chiclana de Segura.

Address: Urban nucleus of Chiclana de Segura CP 23264, Chiclana de Segura (Jaén).

Geolocation: Latitude: 38.312637, Longitude: -3.042998

Organizing entity:

Chiclana de Segura City Council. information: 953 46 63 00

Teresiano-Sanjuanistas Conference (held October-November)

Beas de Segura annually hosts the “Teresiano-Sanjuanistas” conference. Several days where the municipality hosts conferences, presentations, as well as screenings related to the life and work of Teresa de Jesús and Saint John of the Cross.

The Conference is usually held in the third quarter of the year (October-November), for three or four days a year.

The activities have different schedules, so you have to consult the program, but they are an excellent pretext to visit Beas de Segura.


Paseo de la Constitución, 1, CP 23280 Beas de Segura (Jaén).

Geolocation: Latitude: 38.252435, Longitude: -2.889907

Organizing entity: Beas de Segura City Council.

Information: 953 42 40 00

Historical Recreation of the Battle of Lopera (held in…

The Lopera City Council has tried to consolidate the historical event of the Battle of Lopera as a tribute, cultural act and tourist element, for which a recreation has been held since 2016 in the trenches located next to the Salado stream, in the setting called Las Esperillas , where the “trenches” are located.

It is usually celebrated in the month of April and in the event combat scenes are recreated with firearms, grenades and armored vehicles of the time.

The activity is completed with other activities in the town such as conferences, guided visits to the spaces of the War, dances of the time and a living museum with the participation of different groups of historical recreation.

As of 2020, the recreation of the Battle of Lopera will be taken to the castle’s parade ground to bring it closer to those who wish to enjoy this wonderful act.


Paraje las Esperillas: Highway J-2930 (Lopera-Bujalance), 2.5 kilometers from the town center. CP 23780, Lopera (Jaén).

Castle: Calle Castillo, S / N. CP 23780, Lopera (Jaén).

Geolocation: Castle: Latitude: 37.943662, Longitude: -4.213720

Las Esperillas Setting: Latitude: 37.932330, Longitude: -4.228758

Organizing entity: Lopera City Council.

Information: 953 51 62 50

Sanjuanista week of Úbeda (celebrated in Octubre)

Since 1977 the community of Discalced Carmelites of Úbeda has hosted one of the most relevant events around the figure of Saint John of the Cross.

The event, of international projection, is celebrated every year with a cycle of conferences and liturgical and artistic events with the intention of delving into the life, work and influence of the mystic and poet, who died in Úbeda on December 14, 1591.

Location: Úbeda


Latitude: 38.011904,

Longitude: -3.376554

Organizing entity: Carmelitas Descalzos and Úbeda City Council. Information: 953 75 06 15

43 Saint John´s Week