Manriqueñas Conference (held in April)

The Manriqueña Conference of Segura de la Sierra was born from the academic and institutional sphere as a means to praise the cultural and historical heritage of Segura de la Sierra and its surroundings, focusing on one of the most illustrious figures who lived in this municipality, Jorge Manrique.

The first Conference was held in 2012 and has been held approximately every two years. During this time, conferences are held on the life and work of Jorge Manrique, along with other activities that promote the historical-cultural importance of Segura de la Sierra and promote tourism and the conservation of the monuments that this town hosts. : medieval market, photography contests, medieval crafts workshops, raptor exhibition, poetry readings, quick painting contest, etc.

Some days that are usually held in spring and that are an excellent pretext to visit Segura de la Sierra.

Address: Urban nucleus of Segura de la Sierra CP 23379, Segura de la Sierra (Jaén).

Geolocation: Latitude: 38.297922, Longitude: -2.651589

Organizing entity: Segura de la Sierra City Council.

Information: 953 48 02 80