Monastery of San José del Salvador

The Monastery of San José del Salvador represents a fundamental milestone in the foundations of Saint Teresa, since it was the first one in Andalusia. In addition, the walls of the Beas Monastery hold one of the happiest moments of her life, because this is where she personally met Father Jerónimo Gracián, Provincial of Andalusia, with whom he exchanged opinions on the Carmel Reform and the problems with the Discalced.

The current appearance is the result of the passing of time, as its structures have endured great deterioration, the most serious caused in 1810 by Napoleonic troops during the War of Independence.

The building has been reformed over time, yet the original structure is preserved. The oldest part corresponds to Saint Teresa´s Cell, Oratory and Hall of Relics, in the south wing, next to the parish church. Its conventual temple (from the mid-17th century) stands out, with its stonework façade with a simple and sober appearance according to Carmelite architectural canons and a beautiful Baroque style doorway.

You can also visit the parlor where Saint John of the Cross communicated and spiritually attended to the nuns. In it, there is a painting of the famous painter Ricardo Sanjuán, which represents the arrival of the Saint to Beas and the first interview with his religious.