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Undoubtedly, one of the places with the greatest literary impact in Lorca’s life. This is where his encounter with Machado occurred, when he was still more a musician than a writer. This event would mark his artistic orientation towards letters and will make him one of the most universal poets in our literature.

On June 8, 1916, a soiree was organized, in which Machado recited verses by Rubén Darío – who had died months before – and fragments of La Tierra de Alvargonzález for the travelers, while Lorca played Andalusian pieces on the piano such as the Danza de la Vida Breve of Falla. In this recital he met María del Reposo Urquía, who also performs some pieces.

Antonio Chicharro, in the collaboration that he makes in the book tribute to the centenary of Machado’s arrival in Baeza One Hundred Years of the Antonio Machado y Baeza Encounter or the Celebration of Poetry as an Essential Word in Time, indicates that this meeting also meant the beginning of a respectful friendship between Antonio Machado and the young García Lorca, underlined in a poem signed in 1918 by the young student from Granada in the first pages of a book borrowed from the first edition of Poesías Completas de Antonio Machado:

I would leave my

whole soul in this book.

This book that has seen

the landscapes with me

and lived holy hours.

The echoes of this meeting were also to materialize in the first poem he wrote, according to his brother Francisco García Lorca, dated June 1917: Song. Dreaming and Confusion, in a prominent Rubenian style.

Song. Daydreaming and Confusion


Here comes the dusky soundless night

here comes the brazen, splendid flesh

here comes the sweet ecstasy bliss

But alas! death came and sorrow followed.(…)