Palace of the Encomienda, home of Jorge Manrique

After contemplating the graffiti, enter the Historic Center of Chiclana through the audacious tunnel excavated in the imposing rock and approach the nearby Palacio de la Encomienda, where the Manrique family was housed, as Commander of the Order of Santiago.

It is located a few meters from the Belin mural, entering the Historic Center of Chiclana through the tunnel excavated in the rock and which leads to the Plaza de la Constitución, the nerve center of the town and where one of the most distinguished monumental buildings, the Church of San Pedro, from the 17th century, is located.

Continuing through the square towards Calle Real, we come across Palacio de la Encomienda (Palace of the Assignment), named so since it was intended for administration functions of the Assignment, in addition to being used as a home. The Manrique family is thought to have been staying here for some time.

This palace is also known as the House of the Inquisition, since it was also the seat of this religious court.

Architecturally speaking, the palace presents a portal in the lower body, with a semicircular arch with a raised key, smooth jambs and grooved pilasters and capitals on basements ; on the second floor, a lintelled balcony, boxed pilasters, a split pediment, little pinnacles with balls and, topping the upper floor, a cornice. The good ashlar masonry and the rectangular patio are also striking due to their footings, wooden beams and Doric columns.