Sanctuary of the Sacred Relics

The Sanctuary of the Sacred Relics (The Saints´Sanctuary or Sanctuary of Alcázar in The Templar’s Tombstone), is a classicist temple dating from the 17th century, the work of the architect Juan de Aranda Salazar.

The building rises on the ashlars of the Mocha tower (one of the towers of the old Alcázar) and resolves the unevenness of the land it is built on, structuring on two floors with differentiated accesses through an imposing exterior staircase.

On the lower floor, like a crypt, there is a Spanish-American colonial baroque altarpiece sometimes used as an auditorium for many different events. Eslava Galán presented here his work The Conquest of America Told for Skeptics.

On the upper floor, you can see the relics of the patrons of Arjona, the martyrs San Bonoso and San Maximiano, whose remains were found in an excavation sponsored by the ecclesiastical authorities.

The Saints are characters of great importance in the Templar Tombstone. In the search for the enigma the Table of Solomon treasures, they come up as a clear Templar symbol as they are dual saints, in the image of the shield of the Order, a couple riding on the same horse :

(…) I’ve also got news from Arjona: at the top of the hill the population sits, a 17th-century scholar and archaeologist, Martín de Jimena Jurado, carried out some excavations where they allegedly discovered the bones of many martyrs, including those of the patrons Bonoso and Maximiano.

Two patrons? – Isabel was surprised. As in a