The Templar Tombstone

The Templar Tombstone, the element that gives the novel its title and that generates its plot, is a marble stone that is located in an unexpected place that the author reveals at the end of the novel.

(…) He was on the third rung when he discovered her.

There it was, embedded in the wall to the right, under the inclined plane of the second flight of stairs. (…)

The Tombstone has the enigma of the Table of Solomon engraved on its external face, by means of a geometric mandala,, which hides the encrypted key to the dominion of the world, the “Shem Shemaforash”.

In its search a curious and strange group, conformed by an ex priest, a university professor and a librarian, compete; the Masonic lodge, “the twelve apostles”; two factions of the Vatican, among which the Vatican secret services; the Jewish Lubavitch sect; and the Israeli secret service, the Mossad.

A series of elements, which, after a frenetic action throughout the novel, surprises with an unexpected outcome.

Finally, the Templar Tombstone appears in the Arjona Town Hall itself, taken there by a neighbor who bought it from a gypsy from Granada and donated it to the Town Hall.

(…) On the white marble tombstone, occupying its entire surface, the remote hand of the marble maker Remigio Cobo had carved a series of concentric circles that started from a central checkerboard. Cutting the circles, the fine chisel had drawn a twelve-pointed star. The set formed a geometric network of straight lines and curves that contrasted with the empty smoothness of the margins in which three solitary Hebrew letters were distinguished, one on the top and two on the sides, the Three Mother letters of the Kabbalah. (…)