You can find numerous traces of the Spanish Civil War throughout the municipal area of ​​Lopera, since the dividing line between the Francoist and Republican sides was located in the surroundings of the town, popularly known as the Andújar front.

You can visit two important machine gun nests next to the Puente del Arroyo Salado, in the area of ​​Las Esperillas, popularly known as “trenches”, which are made up of reinforced concrete blocks, interlocking iron and small pieces of stone. These formidable machine gun nests belonged to the national side and were used as guard posts.

The truth is that they did not go into battle, so they are in a very good state of conservation and that is why, together with the surrounding spaces, they have been used regularly for the recreation of the Battle of Lopera. The first machine gun nest is located on a completely flat terrain, about 2.5 kilometers from the urban area.

Its structure takes the shape of an “S”, has a height of 2 meters, more than twenty holes for the installation of the different machine guns, small holes in the upper part for the placement of rifles and automatic weapons, and interior areas for the reserve weapons and ammunition.

The other machine gun nest was located about a hundred meters away from the previous one (further from the road) and was built on a higher slope. Its surface consists of two small stairs, with three and two steps respectively, provided in turn with landings. Its structure takes the shape of an “L” and also ends in a semicircle. It also has holes for the location of machine guns, upper holes for the rifles and interior spaces for the conservation of the ammunition.