Almohade Water Tank

This water tank, built in the Almohad period, is the oldest building preserved in today’s Arjona and is located under what would have been the Main Mosque of the Alcazaba de Aryuna.

Its rectangular-plan structure is supported by three semicircular vaults, raised on Roman alabaster pedestals, reminiscent of the presence of the Roman temple of Urgavo, dedicated to the Emperor Caesar Augustus.

The water tank´s function was to contain water to supply the population of Aryuna, which is why the interior is not decorated, its walls being lined with mortar.

After a restoration and musealization carried out in 2008, with sound and visual effects that imitate the sound and movement of water, it has become a tourist reference in the town. The Aljibe is part of the Route of the Castles and Battles of Jaén.

Juan Eslava Galán uses the Aljibe Almohade to, once again, provide a religious symbolism in his novel and remember his Iberian past.

(…) On the ground, a few meters away from the Baphomet, there was an iron trap.

This must be the access to the Almohad water tank the secretary of the city council told us about – concluded Pío.

To the water tank and to the spring -Iñiguez said-. A spring in a high place sanctified a place in the religion of the Iberians. And here the people of Calatrava settled the church and the Baphomet (…)