Juan Eslava Galán Museum of Arts and Customs

The Juan Eslava Galán Museum of Arts and Customs is located in the old San Miguel Hospital (also called Casa del Rey as Ibn Alhamar is believed to have been born here) and shares a building with the Arjona Archaeological Museum.

This patrimonial landmark is not linked to the work The Templar Tombstone in itself, but to Juan Eslava Galán, who, in addition to giving the Museum its name, donated most of the collection on display.

Among the most representative elements on display in the museum, we should highlight the original throne used in the recording of the film Lawrence of Arabia.

Inaugurated in November 2012, it has an important collection of ethnographic and traditional objects used by the residents of Arjona throughout its most recent history: olive-growing culture, typical objects of pig-killing, typical dwellings of houses, etc. The two museums is forge a chronological route and with a marked didactic character, from prehistory to the present time, displaying some attractions such as the burial of El Algar, the Iberian culture, the Roman culture or famous people of the town, such as the founder of the Nasrid dynasty of Granada, Ibn Alhamar, or Helvia, mother of the philosopher Seneca.