The Institute of Jaen Studies

The Institute of Jaen Studies (IEG), is an Autonomous Body of the Diputación de Jaén that has its headquarters in the Old Hospital of San Juan de Dios de Jaén, a 15th century building, and whose main function is the promotion and study of culture, science and provincial art.

Juan Eslava Galán has given his legacy to this institute. More than 8,000 documents from his personal archive (books, press clippings, videos, sound files and other varied objects) to serve as a reference for people interested in Jaén and in this specific author.

It is worth introducing the IEG in this itinerary if only to consult this extraordinary collection, but the author also takes advantage of any opportunity in his works to praise its history or enhance its resources, as does his wonderful library in The Templars and the Table of Solomon.

(…) I looked for archaeological information about those places in the marvelous library of the Institute of Jaen Studies, installed in an old hospital and Carmelite convent, with the comfortable reading room open to the silent cloister. (…)

The Templars and the Table of Solomon. Episode 2.