Sacred Chapel of El Salvador

La Sacra Capilla de El Salvador del Mundo is an extraordinary funeral pantheon ordered to be built by one of the most important figures of the time, Francisco de los Cobos, personal secretary of Emperor Carlos V.

The pantheon has an important link with the Carmelite reformer because the last and solemn information leading to the beatification of Saint John of the Cross , the greatest and most enlightened of our mystics, was held here. The event occurred on September 6, 1674 by Pope Clement X, although the Decree was not issued until January 25, 1675.

The temple itself is one of the most successful examples of the Spanish Renaissance, where the most illustrious virtuosos of the time worked: Diego de Siloé as the author of the general designs of the temple; the incomparable Andrés de Vandelvira as master builder; Berruguete, author of the altarpiece of the main altar; Esteban Jamete, sculptor of the facade and the sacristy; or Francisco de Villalpando, author of the bars.