Castle of Santa Catalina

The castle of Santa Catalina, one of the emblems of Jaén, crowns the hill that gives it its name, from where you can see a unique and spectacular landscape of the city and its mountains. It also houses an Interpretation Center which offers a tour of its history.

The origin of the fortress is an old caliphate fortress from the 9th century, the Christian castle that has survived to this day was built in the 13th century. After the conquest of the city by Fernando III, its defenses are fortified and turned intoǨ-ñ. an important bulwark against the Nasrid Kingdom of Granada.

The castle of Santa Catalina is a symbol for the people of Granada and Juan Eslava Galán continuously echoes it and introduces it in his works, as he does in Los Templarios and La Mesa de Salomón.

(…) During my stays in Jaén I had climbed several times to the castle of Santa Catalina. After unveiling the secrets of its builder, Alfonso X, I revisited it with a different spirit (…)

The Templars and the Table of Solomon. Chapter 18.