Interpretation Center of the town of Beas, the 16th…

The “Interpretation Center of the Villa de Beas, the 16th Century and Mysticism” is located next to the Sanctuary of the patron saint of the town, the Virgen de la Paz, in an old convent-school of the Calasancias Mothers, built in the XIX century onver the remains of the old Castle and Fortress of Villa Vieja.

The Center is divided into two different spaces, History and Mysticism. In the thematic space dedicated to History, the visitor can explore aspects related to Beas de Segura, such as its history, the different noble families, the castle-fortress, the Order of Santiago and the Assignment.

In the area of ​​Mysticism, the figures of Saint Teresa of Jesus and Saint John of the Cross are the basis of this thematic space where the origin of the Beas foundation, the conventual life, with an exhibition of original pieces of the monastery. You can visit the room of the dwellings and that of the mystical scale, and enjoy an allegory of the mystical garden, among other elements of interest.