Mocho bridge

Saint Teresa and her entire entourage crossed the Guadalimar river through the Mocho Bridge on their way to Beas to found the first convent of the Discalced Carmelites in Andalusia.

It is a Roman bridge of great solidity, with a rigging of large ashlars placed by rope and brand and located on the Guadalimar river. The bridge stands between two municipalities: Beas de Segura and Chiclana de Segura and it is very interesting because it was part of the “Camino de los Cartagineses”, a branch of the Via Augusta that, according to hypothesis, would connect Cástulo with Carthago Nova.

Although it is thought that Saint Teresa of Jesus and her entire entourage must have crossed the Guadalimar river through the Mocho Bridge, this is not entirely clear since there are no specific references to this fact. Ana of Jesus in the process of beatification of Saint Teresa declared the following:

(…) and this lightness of the mules was in such a way, that having taken out that day beasts and men out of the carts, from the town we left to cross the Guadalimar river, when we reached it we found ourselves on the other side without having had a chance to get out of the cars or be able to collect ourselves (…)

Nor is it documented that, on their way to Seville for the new foundation, they used the Mocho Bridge to cross the Guadalimar, but it seems that it would be the best place to get around it.

A very solid Roman bridge located in a beautiful place that will invite you to recreate yourself in nature and why not? enjoy the writings of the Saint.