La Magdalena church

On November 24, 1925, Federico García Lorca dated another collective postcard, from a second trip of the poet after the one that occurred at the beginning of November and showing his interest in the city, which left him a pleasant memory. In this new visit, where Lorca acted as Guide, he was accompanied by José Segura Soriano, Alfonso García Valdecasas, Miguel Pizarro Zambrano and Adelina Bello.

From this brave city where I came by car, your friends hug you and greet you. I look forward to your letter. Tell me what you think of the gentleman Paquito. Goodbye. Frederick. This new postcard has the image of the old Arab minaret of the Church of the Magdalena (a primitive mosque in the city, converted to church after the Christian conquest), located in the neighborhood of the same name.

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