Plaza de Santa María (Cathedral of Jaén)

The above is not the only postcard in which Lorca refers to Jaén. In a postcard dated in Granada on November 7, 1925, once he had returned from his trip to Jaén and also addressed to his friend Melchor Fernández Almagro, the poet makes reference to various places and icons from Granada. Lorca exchanges the texts on the postcard with his friends and in it he reviews such identifying landmarks of Jaén as the Cathedral, the Plaza de Santa María or the relics of the Holy Face. Below is part of the text of the aforementioned postcard:


“Mac Donald continues his downhill slope of Grenadian disappointments. On the other hand, he has discovered the beauty of Jaén in pleasant company, with its graceful cathedral, open by hundreds of balconies to the streets and the square, crowned with apostles and prophets and guardian of the Holy Face, which we adore most solemnly. You can make the trip to kiss the glass where the Byzantine face of Christ emerges, oily and full of sweet intimacy among the old emeralds and rubies of the old Catholic frame. Wrapped, moreover, in the silky anointing of the liturgy. Granada no longer exists. Granada is possession, Jaén is unity.