Master Street

Calle Maestra is one of the main arteries of the historic center of Jaén, where numerous shops and the Jaén Tourist Office are located, where you can request more information. The fact of being pedestrian, greatly facilitates traffic and commercial activity in the area.

(…) we turned to the right and took the Rúa Maestra and the people had gone to the windows and climbed to the roofs and rooftops and everyone was waving with handkerchiefs and cheering, and it seemed that there was a party and raucous for a great event ( …)

In search of the unicorn. Chapter IV.

In addition, already in the Middle Ages it was an important road because Constable Lucas de Iranzo (Palace of Constable Iranzo) had his houses there and for joining Plaza Santa María with Plaza de la Audiencia.

Currently it is part of the Mozarabic Way of Santiago in the city of Jaén.