Palace of Condestable Iranzo

Once they arrive in Jaén, the entourage that has to look for and find the unicorn stays at the Palace of the Constable of Castilla, the very illustrious Mr. Miguel Lucas de Iranzo, Mr. Juan de Olid, our peculiar hero.

The old Palace, today the seat of the Municipal Board of Culture and Tourism of the city of Jaén, was built in the 15th century, and the Mudejar room is still preserved, the interior of which is covered with a magnificent Mudejar paneling, a unique example of this art throughout city ​​and arcades gallery in the late Gothic courtyard.


And thus we arrived at the palace and inn of the Constable and we retired to it and the music stopped to rest the instruments and also the ears, which were already somewhat thundered and full of the strong patching and accompaniment, and the maitre of the Constable took everyone to their rooms, with very discreet concert (…)

In search of the unicorn. Chapter IV.