Tablas bridge

Puente Tablas is an inhabited settlement belonging to Jaén, is located a few kilometers from the urban center of the capital of Jaen. It is famous for having an Iberian oppidum (fortified city), which has a great patrimonial value and where you can learn how the Iberians of the upper Guadalquivir lived, contemplate one of the largest Iberian fortifications, with more than 300 meters of wall reaching more than 5 meters high, still preserved.

Juan Eslava Galán does not miss the opportunity to introduce Iberian culture every time he has the opportunity. For this reason, Juan de Olid, the main protagonist of his book In Search of the Unicorn, enters the city of Jaén through Puente Tablas.

(…) And as a herald would have left the day before advising our arrival, he went to look for us at the place that they call the Puente de Tabla, watercourse of Guadalbullón, with much and beautiful accompaniment of musics and riders. (…)

In search of the unicorn. Chapter IV.